When most Americans think of Iowa, they think of rolling fields of corn. Our farmland is indeed picturesque, but it’s more than big skies and wide-open spaces. Our farms and our rural communities are the backbone of our state economy – and crucial contributors to our national economy. Iowans produce food, biofuels and grains that are used all over the world. I’m proud to represent Iowa farmers and agriculture and will continue to work in Congress on its behalf.

Clean Energy

Ending our dependence on foreign oil and promoting Iowa renewable energy is critical to our national security and economic growth.

Climate Issues

Just like our parents and grandparents passed on a better planet to us, we have an obligation to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren.


For as long as I can remember, education has been extremely important in my family. My mom has taught in Brooklyn, Iowa in eight consecutive decades and she still substitute teaches today. My wife, Carolyn, teaches in Waterloo.

Government Reform

I learned the value of a dollar when I was growing up in Brooklyn, Iowa – and it’s our hard-earned tax dollars the government is spending. The time has come for Congress to exercise some real oversight to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our federal government.

Health Care

Providing affordable, accessible and quality health care to all Americans is one of my top priorities.

Iraq and Afghanistan

Learn my views on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jobs & The Economy

Our economic recovery is still fragile – and too many middle class families are still feeling the squeeze of stagnant wages and slow economic growth. Creating jobs and encouraging economic growth is my number one priority in Washington.

Reducing the Deficit

The annual budget deficit has gotten out of control, and I believe we need to find bipartisan solutions to balance the budget. I have worked hard to restore fiscal discipline to the United States government, and reverse the spending that has occurred over the last number of years that sent our nation into debt.

Small Businesses

We are currently working our way out of the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. The success of American economic growth hinges on how well we can promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and small business expansion.


I'm working in Congress to make sure that our state has a voice at the table when important transportation decisions are being made. From highways to airports to railroads and the Mississippi River lock and dam system, we need to do more to invest in infrastructure.

Veterans' Affairs

Our veterans have made a great sacrifice in their service to our country. That’s why I’m working hard in Congress to hold the Veterans Administration accountable, ensure that our veterans have the best healthcare they can possibly get, and ensure the VA is equipped to respond in an efficient and timely manner to the many needs of our veterans.