Braley’s Brother Serves as Guest Chaplain for US House

Jul 1, 2010

Delivered Morning Prayer on House Floor

Washington, DC -  Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) welcomed his
brother, Reverend Brad Braley to Capitol Hill today to serve as guest chaplain
on the House floor. Rev. Braley has served as Pastor at First Presbyterian
Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for 11 years, where Rep. Braley and his family are
members and Rep. Braley served as an Elder. 

"Welcoming my brother to the Capitol as Guest Chaplain is one of the proudest
moments of my career, "Braley said. "Brad has spent his life working to improve
his community through faith and friendship. Brad has always been a role model
for me and his words this morning were inspiring. I wanted to be like Brad when
I was growing up and that's still true today." 

After Rev. Braley's prayer, Rep. Braley gave a speech on the House floor
recognizing his brother. This week marks the 30th anniversary of Rev. Braley's
ordination. He received his Master of Divinity degree from the University of
Dubuque Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Rev. Braley has also served
congregations in Ida Grove and Nevada, Iowa. 


of Rev. Braley's prayer and Rep. Braley's speech

are available here.